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            • Shenzhen · China
            • 1st Floor, Building 30, Zone 5, Huai De Cuigang Industrial Park, Fuyong, Baoan

            ABOUT LDEX

                   Our implementation of the "safe, efficient, timely, economic and thoughtful" service and service concept, has won numerous customer's trust and support. Specific services include:

            1、A full range of international air transport

              Agent Shenzhen / Guangzhou / Hong Kong air service around the world, will o the advantages of Hong Kong more to your provide more convenient cargo ship channel. Partner airlines QF, BR, CZ, CI, EK, AA, SQ, etc., to Europe, the United States and Canada, Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and other advantages to highlight;

            2、Multi-style international courier

                 Cooperation with FEDEX, UPS, EMS, DHL, TNT and other internationally renowned courier companies, more Asian, Middle East and other green services, preferential price area covering Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Europe, Canada;

            3、International Chamber of Shipping (FCL, LCL)

                 We are agents of the service network can put your goods up to the world's ports, LCL reach more than 600 ports and inland points in the world. Shipping companies have WANHAI, COSCO, MARESK, PIL, APL and many other shipping companies, the advantages of routes in the Middle East, India, Europe, the Americas, Southeast Asia and other ports;

            4、 Shenzhen - Hong Kong, Hong Kong transport

                 Our professional agents in Shenzhen and Hong Kong car - Hong Kong section of land transport, import and export cargo in Hong Kong, for you share those problem-solving!

            5、Ad hoc international freight train services

                Customs agents, trailers, fumigation, export certificate (CO / FORM A, etc.) and endorsement, and so on.