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            • Shenzhen · China
            • 1st Floor, Building 30, Zone 5, Huai De Cuigang Industrial Park, Fuyong, Baoan

            Award / Qualification Certificate


            Service country


            Monthly processing capacity


            Number of clients

            Our service

            Amazon FBA, US special line, China-Europe railway line, cross-border e-commerce overseas warehouse, international air transport, express delivery, shipping

            International express

            Cooperate with international express delivery companies such as DHL Express, EMS Express, FEDEX Express, UPS Express, Hongkong Post, etc.

            International Air Transport

            Provide reliable, peace-of-care international air service, flexible delivery speeds and service options

            International Shipping

            12 years of maritime transport experience, one-stop maritime service, the price is transparent and reasonable.

            International parcel

            Focus on EMS international express delivery, Hong Kong parcel, Hongkong post parcel, Hong Kong EMS and other international express delivery services

            Central European Railway

            CEIBS's focus on the European market for many years, the senior team tracked the response 24 hours a day, strong customs clearance, operational specifications, safe and reliable

            International warehousing

            Provide economic, safe, accurate and real-time overseas warehousing services to achieve warehousing management security, job mechanization and network informationization


            The latest news, the transmission channel dynamics, the international logistics industry information, the joint company style

            Passion May, joint marketing training

            The company held a two-day salesman's professional knowledge training, and made a comprehensive explanation from the company culture, products, channels, etc....

            Hong Kong Fedex notification of all exports, the value of goods and the recipient's address and other information reporting requirements

            By Hong Kong Fedex notification of all exports, the value of goods and the recipient's address ......

            Mid-Autumn Festival holiday notice and Delivery

            聯遞中秋放假通知 非常感謝貴司長期以來對我司的大力支持! 我司中秋放假-天,9月8號休息...... ...
            • DHL
            • FedEx
            • UPS
            • TNT
            • aramex